June 14, 2013

Great New English Halacha Releases

In the past few months Israel Book Shop has come out with a very impressive selection of English Halacha seforim. A few of these new seforim include:

  • Ginzei HaKodesh by Rabbi Yechezkel Feinhandler on the laws of treatment of religious articles 
  • Inside Stam by Reuvain Mendlowitz, which contains questions for the consumer when purchasing a Torah, mezuzos, and tefillin
  • The Laws of an Eruv by Rabbi Shlomo Francis and Rabbi Yonason Glenner which is a detailed sefer on Hilchos Eruvin, complete with diagrams (the release conicided well with Daf Yomi) 
Another new release that caught my attention in particular is Dvar Yom by Rabbi Dovid Braunfeld. This sefer is quite remarkable in it's depth and detail. It is an explanation of all the zmanim on the Luach with pages of colored charts and diagrams of astronomical phenomena. The author explains in the introduction "An innovation of this sefer is that before explaining when Tzais HaKochavim and Alos are, it explains what they are. Just as one who knows the anatomy of a cow has a completelty different understanding of Maseches Chullin than one who has never seen a cow, so too when one understands the astronomical facts of Tzais and Alos, he will have a completely different understanding of the intent of the Gemara and the Poskim." There are many chapters in this sefer that are incredibly complex and scientific and, as an aid to the reader, the author clarifies at the beginning of the sefer which chapters are good for a basic understanding of the Luach and which chapters are for more advanced learning. 

All of these new releases can be viewed at the Israel Book Shop website

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